A.C.I. Argo Costruzioni Infrastrutture S.c.p.a.

The Consorzio Argo Costruzioni Infrastrutture s.c.p.a combines the leading companies in the construction and plant sectors, in the Gavio Group. It boasts SOA qualifications in 13 general categories (of which, 8 for unlimited amounts) and 24 specialist categories (of which 9 for unlimited amounts). Also, when it comes to integrated contracts, A.C.I. is qualified to provide design and construction services up to eighth grade, and has an “Attestation of qualification as a general contractor” in terms of Legislative Decree    190/2002. The Consortium is a profit-making organisation and its purpose is to take part in tender processes for works in the categories indicated in annexure “A” to the Italian Presidential Decree   of 25th January 2001. Its form is that of a “permanent consortium”, with outside activities, and it acts in its own name and that of the consortium members on a mandate without representation basis (art 1705 of the Italian Civil Code), based on the provisions of articles 34 letter c) and 36 of Legislative Decree no. 163 of 12 April 2006, “Code on public works contracts”, as well as art 97 of the implementation regulation.

Argentea Gestioni S.c.p.A.

This Company works entirely on behalf of and in the exclusive interests of consortium companies, and its purpose is to run a Global Service Contract for maintaining and managing the Brescia – Bergamo – Milan motorway held under concession by Bre.Be.Mi S.p.A.

In particular, the Company works along the motorway route, doing routine and extraordinary maintenance, carrying out civil and plant works, money collection services, toll management, traffic / safety, design, and inspection services.