Current activities

Carrefour Nichelino

General Details
Main contractor: Carrefour Property Italia
Cost of works: Euro 3,488,000

Construction of the electrical plants and related works, connected with the redevelopment and extension works on the existing shopping mall in Nichelino (TO), Via Dei Cacciatori.

Works done
-Installation of power socket electrical plants
– Electric lighting plants
– Installation of transformer cabins
– Construction of special electrical plants

Serravalle Luxury Outlet

General Details
Client: Serravalle Village
Cost of works: Euro 1,600,000

Construction of all electrical and special plants that serve the new business hub.

Works done
Electrical and special plants:
– MV/LV transformer cabins
– Main electricity supply plant
– Electrical and lighting plant
– Setting up the telephone system for the business units
– Complete lighting plant
– Electrical plants for catering services
– General earthing plant
– Lighting plant for pedestrian areas
– Advertising signage power supply plant
– Fire-detection plant for the business units
– Centralised public address system
– Centralised closed circuit TV plant

Line systems for ANAS lots in service - A33 - ASTI-CUNEO

General details
LOCATION: A33 – Section 1 from Massimini to S.Albano Lot 1- 2 ,Section 2 from Marene to Cherasco
lots 7 – 8 Section 2 from Alba to Asti lot 2 -3a- 3b -4
EXECUTION: June 2011 – June 2014
COST OF WORKS: Euro 10,750,309.47

The activities include the construction and fitting out of electricity transformer and distribution cabins, setting up the trunk plant for MV electricity distribution, with transformers along the entire route, the setting up of lighting and anti fog plants at interchanges, on ramps for service areas, and at stops, as part of the construction of section 1 Massimini – S.Albano, section 2 over the Marene to Cherasco portion, and section 2 over the Alba to Asti portion of the Asti-Cuneo motorway.

Works done
– Supply and installation of electricity cabin
– Fitting out electricity cabin
– Supply and installation of MV electricity distribution plant
– Supply and installation of remote control plant between field equipment and control centre
– Supply and installation of MV/LV electrical panels
– Supply and installation of MV/LV transformers
– Supply and installation of fog lighting plant

Works to upgrade the Sorreley - Meysattaz open-sided Tunnel, for emergency access and training and instruction structure for emergency rescue services in tunnels - A5 - QUINCINETTO-AOSTA

General details
COST OF WORKS: 2,132,569.33.

The tunnel was set up for operating drills by the fire brigades.
The area covered by the works is located in the Meysattaz suburb of the town of Saint Christophe at an altitude of 600 m above sea level, immediately after the municipal road that connects the centre of Saint Christophe to the Beauregard Hospital in Aosta, at the opening in the Sorreley-Meysattaz tunnel. The land to be affected by the works are indicated on sheet N° 37 of the land registry diagram for the town of Saint Christophe as lots 396 and 398, owned by the Client, S.A.V. S.p.A.

Works outside the tunnel
– Construction of a semi-basement space that will house the change rooms, ablution facilities, stores, technical rooms and electricity cabin.
– Construction of a prefabricated chalet for use as an office and meeting rooms
– Refurbishing the entrance to the tunnel
– Setting up special and remote control systems
– Setting up electrical systems
– Setting up mechanical plants

Works inside the tunnel
– Refurbishing the tunnel opening by laying a new surface and cladding the bases in reflective enamelled steel panels
– Construction of a 15 m long side duct inside, which will house the training laboratory with vehicle guards
– Forming of a recess at the end of the tunnel, which can be used by vehicles to turn around
– Creation of a filter zone and safe place to serve the Cote de Sorreley tunnel
– Setting up the fire-fighting plant
– Setting up the gas distribution plant
– Main tunnel ventilation
– Dedicated and filter and safe place ventilation
– Setting up technological plants and Wifi coverage for plant interfacing
– Setting up technological pushbutton panels.

Modernisation and upgrading works on the TURIN - MILAN motorway - BERNATE TICINO alternative (from km 098+027 to km 103+220). - A4 - TURIN - MILAN

General Details
EXECUTION: June 2013 – December 2014
COST OF WORKS: Euro 1,140,458.49

The activities include the construction and fitting out of the electricity transformation and distribution cabin that serves the BERNATE tunnel, and construction of the lighting plant for the tunnel itself.

Works done
– Supply and installation of electrical cabin in vibrated reinforced concrete
– Fitting out the electricity cabin
– Supply and installation of MV/LV electrical panels
– Supply and installation of MV/LV transformers
– Supply and installation of the lighting system in the tunnel